OK. Here’s the big idea:
We don’t charge extra for thinking while we work.
I know, it’s kinda out there, but we find it’s so much more awesome.

For some reason, some guy one time hired a separate company to think about stuff, and then THAT COMPANY hired ANOTHER company to actually do the work. Some people thought this made sense, because it made some guy more money. He got promoted.

Later, in like the 60s, another guy said “Hey! I know! Let’s make one generic :30 spot that’s supposed to miraculously appeal to every human watching.” It made sense, because there were 3 channels and more dumb people in the world… oh, and the whole world was America. That guy got promoted.

And, so, long story short (too late)… Two really bad ideas turned into something called “the way things are done.”
Well, we called bullsh*t. And BARK BARK was born.

When you are thinking all the time, you start to have ideas. You start to see things, like how more brands should work together. You start to help some brands do that. You see marketers reach consumers in much better, deeper and more honest ways. Your PLUS Thinking makes you think about Brand Integration. You think about that, and you Integrate the whole Agency+Production+Design+Post model. You start adding clients. You start mixing metaphors. You stop hating commercials. Birds swoop from branches onto your outstretched arms. There’s a chorus of smiling children.

Yeah, that’s where we’re going too. And we have been working on the map to get there. Because when content stops being linear, you gotta be strapped in, or that audience is gonna fly right by you.