Food Network wanted something BIG to open their Upfront presentation that spoke to their succeses and delivered confidence to the audience.
We went all out for them, creating an Open Tape that featured a custom song inspired by the most recent Oscar-winning Muppets musical and Food Network talent from across the board dancing in the street. We wrote, recorded and arranged a musical piece that was shot on location in Universal Studios and brought it to life with a team of dancers, choreographers, baton twirlers and stilt walkers. The end result was a delicious ode to Food Network that set them apart from the usual Upfront hotmix. And who knew Ron Ben Israel, star of Food Network’s “Sweet Genius” was also a classically-trained ballet performer? A perfect match indeed.

CLIENT: Food Network

DIRECTOR: Francine McDougall and Brian Tolleson

BARK BARK agency+production+design+post