We were invited to speak, and share some best practices in Brand Integration in the US at the PromaxBDA Asia conference in Singapore.

Creative Director Brian Tolleson, Director of Business Development Linda Powledge and Art Director Katy Berry, along with everyone from all of the networks across Asia, truly enjoyed hearing about the state of media and media brands (and of course, brand integration) in the rapidly emerging markets all over Asia.

BARK BARK was also pleased to be invited to pitch a design concept for the conference itself. As the conference was focused on “Identity Rehab”… evolving and push your brand and your business to account for the changing media landscape…We represented the idea of a single brand (the black ink), morphing and flowing through all of it’s extensions and opportunities. Metaphorically, we wanted to show how something we all envision as very solid and “black and white” can become even more beautiful and interesting when you let it flow, and show-off in all of the platforms available to media brands today.

Happily, our concept was chosen, and you can see the conference open above! Special thanks to Anthem Collective for the great music track.

Thanks again to our wonderful hosts in Singapore who made a brilliant adventure for all of us.
The conference was a huge success, and our team had an incredible time gaining insight to the very exciting Asian marketplace. We look forward to continuing to help advertisers, networks, buying agencies and ad sales groups foster more opportunities and deliver more successes ALL OVER THE WORLD!

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