Based in Los Angeles, Takashi Doscher is the youngest director to ever sell a film to ESPN, his work has been featured as a Vimeo Staff Pick, on the front pages of and MTV Hive, as well as on flights for Virgin Atlantic Air. He has written and directed a variety of projects including short films, commercials and music videos. Takashi offers a visual storytelling style that often depicts the conflict between science and the human condition – a reflection of his educational background in Physics and English.  Sometimes he even shows the harmony between the two.


Chris Anthony Hamilton is an award-winning Director and Cinematographer living in Atlanta, GA. With an education in film from Hofstra University, Chris honed his skills in New York City working with giants including Spike Lee, Sesame Street and Ralph Lauren and has had the likes of such prolific people as Barack and Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey in front of his lens. His award-winning short films have screened at festivals internationally and his branded content has garnered more than 6 million views online. Most recently he received the award for Best Director at the 2018 Black Women Film Network Short Film Festival. He may be most proud, though, of his eclectic karaoke repertoire which he’s happy to put on display at the wrap party.


Megan Gamez got her start fabricating movie props as a kid on shows such as Men In Black, Armageddon, and Wild Wild West. Later, she moved out to Atlanta where she worked as a crew member on movies like Goosebumps, Fate of the Furious, and Pirates of the Caribbean 5. By coming up in the art world first, this has given her a unique directing style by paying attention to the smallest detail and by adding the most production value to every frame.

Her short film “Tigan and Moggs,” was accepted into the 2015 Female Eye film festival in Toronto, where it received a lot of attention. She has also finished working with Grammy-nominated artist Mario on two projects earlier this year.


Daniel has helmed a variety of short and long-form pieces across the country while also serving as BARK BARK’s Creative Director. His knowledge of the entire process (being an editor first) means he’s got your back to see the creative vision all the way through with everything in mind, including your delivery spec sheet. He’s not afraid to get down and dirty to capture the most compelling images for the story at hand.


Based in Atlanta, GA, Janlataé “Jan” Mullins is an award winning director as well as a graduate of the New York Film Academy and the Art Institute of Atlanta. Before joining the BARK BARK team, Janlatae’ has helmed several critically acclaimed independent short films – one of which where she was named Best Director at the 2014 International Black Women Film Festival. Being a strong believer in the power of collaboration, Janlatae’s ability to work with talent and develop strong characters in her stories is what first brought her to our attention. Janlatae’s capacity to develop honest performances and capture those performances with the corresponding visual style makes her the right choice for any talent driven work.


Matt has one of the most uniquely creative minds ever. Mix that with true talent as an illustrator and a mastery of animation techniques from traditional cell to Flash-in-a-flash, and you can’t help loving him. He’s always challenging the composite team to push every boundary of modern technology and “just make it cool”.

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