Create a series of custom content for Food Network’s Chopped featuring chefs from four regions around the country to show off their culinary skills and feature the different flavors of Lipton Pure Leaf Tea.

The primary execution involved 4 unique competition vignettes, which was paired with behind-the-scenes spots to showcase the winner’s thoughts on the Chopped process and their dishes.

We love the opportunity to create the perfect pairing, and Food Network + Lipton Pure Leaf gave us just that! Food’s successful Chopped brand returned for more competition vignettes, this time featuring Pure Leaf Iced Tea.

Our chefs were tasked with making 1 dish in 30 minutes that complemented the tea and showcased their region of the country.


We were tasked with shooting 14 spots highlighting 16 mystery ingredients, 4 unique teas, 4 regional chefs and 1 affable Ted Allen in 2 delicious days.

We also created additional on-air content with a behind-the-scenes look at the food face-off. The result was an exciting extension of the vignettes that featured more cooking, more insight and more pairings for viewers.


This integration extended far beyond the initial on-air campaign, which was quite expansive in its own right. Guided by the amazing Food Network team, all of Lipton’s media and agencies teams came together to develop this multi-platform experience for consumers… and we delivered all of the content from video to digital/interactive to print.

They loved the chefs we found (cast from a wide net) and the vignettes so much, Lipton reached out to feature the chefs year-round in their digital and print outlets as well. Our videos ran on their Facebook and other social media pages, where we also compiled the recipes from the competitions for users to follow.

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The chefs participated in other Lipton events throughout the year, making appearances, attending photo shoots, and becoming a face of the brand. Fans could interact with the brand, the chefs, and the products for an immersive experience that exploded out from the initial offering, giving everyone more of what they wanted.

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