Develop and produce an 8-episode, short-form branded content series with Pergo, Fitzgerald & CO, and FYI to reach Pergo’s audience organically with engaging content and natural brand awareness in new, exciting ways for the holy grail of integration goals.

One couple. One month. NO LEAVING. Can they master the art of staying in to win $20,000?

We partnered with Pergo, Fitzgerald & CO, and FYI to develop and produce an original 8-episode branded reality series that rolled out for an entire month across FYI’s on-air and digital platforms, as well as Pergo’s social media outlets.

Casting & Talent

We found a real couple to REALLY live in a house for a month, film themselves, face real challenges, and, as a bonus, win $20,000 and inadvertently become a new face for Pergo’s brand. Real people with no acting experience is what made this series so successful and allowed people to identify and connect with them.

We also worked some of FYI’s star talent into the storylines, giving viewers more of the personalities they love while connecting Pergo to the faces – and the driving force – of the network.

Logistics & Location

We created a fully-realized show from the floor up: location, filming, wrangling family members, dogs, kids, and network talent, developing a show logo and graphics package, as well as editing show promos and IPMs for a 360º marketing approachAdditional stills/video were captured during filming to provide tons of relevant social content.


Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

Episode 5

Episode 6

Episode 7

Episode 8






As a coordinated digital and social push, Pergo, FYI, their show talent, and our Ultimate Staycation™ couple all worked together to put out a well-orchestrated symphony of social posts, aligning their broad digital networks for one common cause with us at the center. We helped maximize this series into a multi-screen content experience across all platforms (linear, digital, mobile, social, on-demand, and print).

Viewers first learned about Food Network’s Fantasy Kitchen through a custom spread in Food Network magazine, followed by on-air promos, talent posts, InstaStories, Facebook Live, custom social videos, interactive articles, and shoppable experiences online.


The results of the inaugural Fantasy Kitchen speak for themselves, tallying up over 25MM Sweeps Entries, 130MM Content Views including 18MM social video plays and 110.8MM page views.

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