Since Season 1, we’ve helped make AMC’s hit show The Walking Dead advertiser friendly, carefully navigating the apocalyptic setting of the show while keeping it fun and authentic for viewers with sponsor integration.


Our partnership with Mountain Dew was the most elaborate brand integration campaign in series history – unveiling a new augmented-reality app activating millions of viewers. TWD Encounter app let fans collect iconic walkers from the show by scanning one of more than 100 million Dew products or one of our commercials throughout Season 8, and then place them into the real world and share on social media.





We brought Michael Myers into the world of the show, much to the delight of horror fans everywhere, partnering with AMC and Universal to create theatrical marketing content for “Halloween” featuring Michael Myers in an unholy union of two iconic franchises as he staggered through the set of The Walking Dead.




We paired TWD with Slim Jim in a custom digital vignette featuring three fans of the series who’ve converted their garage into a zombie-proof bunker. Coming off the show, viewers were able to continue their experience seamlessly with this digital integration, and within its first two weeks, our spot reached over 1 million views on Facebook.



Over several seasons, we created unique sponsorship campaign tied to seasonal events for Microsoft to highlight their Surface tablet and Bing search engine to reach the frenzied fan base of AMC’s top-ranked, record-breaking show. 

"Midseason Finale"

"Season Finale"

"Season Premiere"

:30 On-Air Spot

Extended Cut

Cannes Lions Presentation





We worked with AMC and cable provider Brighthouse for this one-of-a-kind Upfront parody set in the world of the Walking Dead, as our unrelenting sales force duo approaches Glen, Maggie, and Daryl for an offer they…. well, can refuse. Carefully shot around the schedules of the series’ stars on location, we recreated the ominous world of the Walking Dead and added a heavy dose of humor to give AMC’s Upfront audience a spoof they weren’t expecting.

Sales Tape


We took Dr Pepper’s One of a Kind brand campaign straight to the Walking Dead’s dedicated viewership to highlight their Ultimate Fan Contest. The Facebook destination was a tremendous success for both AMC and Dr. Pepper, adding almost 2 million to the number during the contest. We capped it off by flying the winner down to shoot a special spot announcing his victory.

"Launch Spot"

"Winner Reveal Spot"


We traveled to the back lot of AMC’s hit show to explore the work of Jake Garber, a member of TWD’s special effects makeup team, in a custom vignette for Quicken Loans. We interviewed the Emmy Award-winning artist about his role making the Walkers look believable and authentic using tricks of the trade, connecting his years of experience working on TWD since Season 1 to the confidence needed to bring them to life every week.

Custom Vignette