HGTV’s “Heard on House Hunters”

National Association of Realtors

Angie's List

We created a new billboard franchise for HGTV celebrating the familiar phrases heard on their landmark series House Hunters.

From “I want character” to “it’s a little over budget,” we can all recite from memory the house hunting lingo made popular by HGTV’s long-running series, so the next logical step was to develop a franchise that takes those moments and elevates them to a new level. We designed a custom title treatment and graphics kit based on the House Hunters package to highlight relatable and humorous bits of homeowner information with custom voiceover and stylized text, emojis, and custom drawn-in elements over clips and stills from the show, giving it a “shareable” style that amplifies the network package.

For the National Association of Realtors, we created a story about the hard-to-find, sometimes wild, demands of prospective home buyers – offering the expertise of a realtor as the solution to finding their dream home.

For Angie’s List, we applied our “Heard on House Hunters” treatment to the spin-off series House Hunters Renovation. Using footage from an upcoming episode featuring an Angie’s List integration and a fun new batch of custom graphic elements we created a companion vignette that further highlights the sponsor’s product in a playful way.


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