We help our clients develop safe production solutions to continue creating live action content during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

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Popeyes + Food Network

We went behind the scenes of Food Network’s Worst Cooks in America to create a custom integration with the insanely popular Chicken Sandwich from Popeyes. For one of our first big shoots back after the COVID-19 stay-at-home orders were lifted in Georgia, we helped Food Network and Popeyes produce a branded entertainment vignette just in time for the season premiere of Worst Cooks in America. We led the charge with our clients to put our safety protocols into practice and keep our production on track moving from NYC to ATL during the pandemic, which involved recreating the competition kitchen from the show as a custom set build on a sound stage where we could control the work environment for the cast and crew members safely.

Director's Cut

Custom Vignette


We partnered with AMC to remotely produce a double feature content takeover delving into the making of Godzilla and Wakefield with Bryan Cranston and Chris Ryan. To ensure a safe production footprint, our small crew set up camera, audio, and video conferencing for Bryan and Chris to communicate virtually from the safety of their own homes. Our creative team then directed the conversation remotely to guide the discussion.



Godzilla Content Pieces

Wakefield Content Pieces

Peacock + WILMORE

We joined forces with Peacock to launch a brand new late-night talk show starring writer/comedian Larry Wilmore. After helping Peacock develop the concept and scripts for the launch campaign, we shot custom content to promote WILMORE across all platforms, with the main vignettes featuring Larry having a conversation with another Larry about their new show. We were excited to help NBCUniversal generate buzz for their new streaming service, and also be part of Peacock’s push to support Black artists and creators.

Launch Promo

WILMORE + Amber Ruffin Show Combo

Topical Week 1 & 2

Topical Week 3 & 4

Topical Week 5, 6 & 7


Leo Burnett + Kraft

We teamed up with Leo Burnett and Kraft to create their months-long, multi-platform #GrilledCheeseOClock campaign. To make it feel like we were on location inside different homes during COVID, we built custom sets on a stage from scratch. We also utilized a macro probe lens to keep our crew a safe distance from talent while capturing the grilled cheese in all its glory.




IFC + Summer Friday

We helped IFC launch their Summer Friday movie marathon with a hosted content takeover featuring actor/comedian J. B. Smoove. We joined forces with IFC to create a series of promos, opens, network IDs, and wraps to keep viewers entertained all summer long while watching Final Destination, Willy Wonka, The Expendables, and The Matrix movies on IFC. We sent our small crew to J. B. Smoove’s house to safely execute a COVID-friendly shoot, getting weeks worth of content in one afternoon.



Southern Company + FitzCo

We joined forces with FitzCo to help Southern Company take a stand against racism in a statement piece featuring Black voices coming together to say “Enough is Enough.”

:30 Commercial


Nationwide + Discovery Shark Week

We got in on the Shark Week action with Discovery Channel and Nationwide by creating a custom branded vignette inspired by the miniatures from their Peytonville campaign. We helped Discovery and Nationwide come up with a custom shoot solution that could be executed safely during the pandemic while delivering something fun and unexpected, which meant building a miniature underwater scene with tiny hand-painted scuba divers, shark diving cage, and a Great White Shark for our hand talent to bring to life.

Custom Vignette


Sprite + Wieden+Kennedy

We partnered with Wieden+Kennedy and Sprite in support of the Black Lives Matter movement to ensure Black creators and artists continue to have their dreams realized. Tapping into the deep history and Black roots of the city, we captured powerful footage of the real Atlanta – its people, places, and moments – that encapsulate the total essence of Black life in America, which was then paired with influencer content created for Sprite.

:60 "Dreams Realized"

:30 "The Thing About Dreams"

FOX + The Masked Singer

We partnered with FOX to celebrate the newest season of their #1 show The Masked Singer with a DIY mask fans can make at home. For the Season 4 launch of The Masked Singer, we created a family-friendly DIY mask from scratch inspired by one of the new characters, “Crocodile,” including a custom template, detailed steps, materials list, and a fun video demonstrating the process! We kept our footprint lean by filming at our own studio to show off the mask in style.

Social Video


HarperCollins + Punching the Air

We were honored to partner with HarperCollins to tell the moving story behind Punching the Air, a collaboration between Yusef Salaam of the Exonerated 5 and award-winning author Ibi Zoboi. Our team coordinated a remote interview with Ibi at her home in New Jersey and a small in-person shoot with Yusef in Atlanta to film all the elements needed to produce the long-form documentary safely and responsibly.




Chime + MTV

We teamed up with Viacom Velocity and Chime to create custom branded content starring hip-hop legend T.I. sharing some of his mobile banking secrets for upcoming artists, which aired during the 2020 VMAs on MTV.

Branded Content


BMarko Structures + Liberty Boxes

We partnered with BMarko Structures to help share their story with the world by creating a mini-doc following how they’re converting shipping containers into mobile hospitals to help save lives during the global pandemic. Our on-site production consisted of a very small two person team who applied distance and full-body protective gear to capture the people and effort behind this important cause safely and responsibly.