Brad is a self-taught motion graphic artist and producer who worked his way up in the entertainment industry from being a P.A. on MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew to becoming a motion graphic artist on TV shows like The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Drew Barrymore, Wendy Williams, Kelly Clarkson, and countless more.

Originally from Las Vegas, Brad had big dreams of moving to Los Angeles. The flashing lights of Hollywood attracted him much more than the overwhelming Vegas sun. And as soon as he had the opportunity, Brad left the Vegas heat for the glitz and glam of Hollywood. Like many transplants, he started from the bottom and successfully worked his way up collaborating on the biggest talk and award shows in the country, and creating tour content for the biggest names in music.

A jack of all trades, Brad’s strong suite is motion graphics, in addition to editing and production. His favorite part of motion graphics? It’s like painting. You start with a blank canvas, throw a bunch of stuff against a wall, and see what sticks. He’s also part Italian, so the same rule applies with spaghetti. It’s an expression of ideas and feelings. It’s an opportunity to showcase why each brand is unique. It’s a reflection of who they are, what they stand for, and what they’d like to achieve with their audiences. He is constantly trying to improve and push his creative limits to bring each project to the next level.

Fun fact: Brad is besties with Angela Kinsey from “The Office.” She gifted him her unused treadmill, which is somehow getting even less use in his house than it was in hers. #Fitness