As Director of Accounting, Carolina rises before the sun every morning to commute in, always being the first smiling soul in the office so she can make our world a little bit better and a whole lot more efficient.

Carolina and her son Danny moved from Bogota, Colombia to the US in 2002 to study English after graduating from Saint Tomas University. She received  a Bachelor’s of Science in Accounting with a specialization in International Economy.

Prior to joining BARK BARK, she worked in a Media Management Services environment at a manufacturing company as an Accountant Manager, where she donned several hats (with style) – from day-to-day accounting and bookkeeping, internal audits, and job costing to oversight over the general ledger. Her day orbits around debits, credits & the delta zero… then after that, her world is balanced.

But don’t think this numbers wizard is all work and no play. She regularly tears up the dance floor whether it’s a Zumba class with her tight-knit girlfriends or letting loose with Salsa. She enjoys long walks on the beach, but has to have her doggy Scruffy to skip through the waves with her! In fact, she is already planning her annual beach trip with her friends and family. Seagulls, waves, and the sunset on the horizon…