As a boy David wanted to be a Jedi Master. A firm believer in the force, trusting your mind more than your weapon just made sense. However 24 years of industry experience helped him realize you have to pull out the old blaster now and then to make your point. Turns out being an EP and Jedi can be the same thing. He can even pull objects towards him using the power of his mind… and the Internet.


David comes to BARK BARK from the mean streets of Chicago. An industry veteran, he knows the workings of the commercial film business inside and out because he’s done it all. From the world’s largest advertisers to small, intensely creative shops, David has been fostering clients though the production process for the better part of 24 years, all the while to great acclaim.

Starting his career in 1990 after graduating from the film program at the University of Arizona, he began this journey working with National Geographic making educational films. He quickly took advantage of his hometown’s rich advertising history and moved to make broadcast television commercials. Starting out at the bottom he soon found himself producing commercials for clients like Nike, McDonald’s, Kellogg’s, and Allstate Insurance.

David has been Executive Producer for a number of production companies over his career. As the EP and founding partner of Digital Ranch Branded Content he worked to bridge the gap between the commercial world he knew and the emerging marketplace of web-based content. In 2000 he helped to execute one of the very first ever branded content campaigns for the US Army called Basic Training. It was considered to be on the cusp of entertaining content as an advertising tool and won a Bronze Lion at Cannes. After DRBC David helped to form Service Station Media where he continued to do business with high profile brands like US Army, Philip Morris, and Caterpillar.

Bottom line, at one time or another he’s actually held, or supervised, every crew position there is. That’s what makes him an empathetic leader and a savvy Executive Producer.