As Head of Production, Tabitha is guided by the core principle of mutual cooperation. Working collectively allows her to ensure the team has all the tools they need to push into new and more dynamic creative territories (while she sweats the details).

Over the course of her career, Tabitha has learned that work is only truly great if you are. It is that ethic that makes clients breathe easier when BARK BARK produces any of their projects. As the captain of the Bark Bark production ship, Tabitha oversees the management of the pre-production process by tying down every detail without any loose ends. It’s her meticulous planning that ensures smooth sailing for all, with a renowned reputation for making the time on set the easiest part of the process. By striving to be her best and demonstrating the lost art of valuing every crew contribution, she has fostered strong relationships with an army of freelancers.

This captain joined Bark Bark to work with amazing people who shared her passion and work ethic. She is happy to report that she has not been disappointed.

After graduating from Hofstra University, she first earned her stripes at HBO Sports in New York City. She then fled the snow storms and freezing temperatures of the northeast for the sunny skies and gridlock traffic of Los Angeles. There she was bit by the freelancing bug and honed her skills at companies such as Automat Pictures, Echo Entertainment and Warner Brothers Television Production. She’s a veritable jack of all trades, having worked on virtually every genre – commercials, boxing matches, episodic tv, music videos, feature films, extreme sports competitions, webisodes, cooking shows and more. As a freelance production manager and coordinator, she’s fostered working relationships with both crews and creatives by utilizing her ability to organize people and projects. What she loves most about this job is watching an idea grow from a concept to a tangible product and a captivating story.

She now calls the US’s third media mecca – Atlanta – home. Outside of the office, you can find her attempting to get off the grid and grow her own food with her family in East Atlanta Village.