SCREEN GEMS “About Last Night” + Bravo

Custom Vignette

To create a :60 commercial, you need more than just 60 seconds of footage. We all know that, but imagine only having your talent for only 600 seconds – that doesn’t give you much wiggle room. Enter Kevin Hart and Regina Hall from the upcoming comedy About Last Night.

When we met up with them in LA to shoot our latest spot for Bravo, our plan was to recreate a scene straight out of their hit show Real Housewives of Atlanta, having Housewife Kenya Moore meet up with Regina Hall for some girl time, only to be interrupted by Kevin Hart. We knew our production schedule would be tight, however, our 10 minute window to shoot gave new meaning to the word. Utilizing a 3 camera setup that had been meticulously practicing all day, we got everything we needed and more, even after only having 1 take with them before they were whisked off again. We took that 1 take and made 1 spectacular commercial, promoting the release of the new film in a scene that felt like a direct extension of the hit show.

Even better, the Real Housewives of Atlanta had the most-watched episode in Housewives franchise history on the Sunday this spot aired, delivering 4.6 million total viewers and 2.6 million in the young adult demo, up 18 percent in both categories from the previous episode.


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