Adult Swim Series Finale Open

"Show Open"

We created the show open and close for the final season of Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

What do a milkshake, a floating box of french fries, and a meatball have in common? They’re about to take their final bow on television after 11 seasons! The show creators came back to us to make another new show open (something they’ve done over the years to mix it up and keep fans guessing, and something we’ve enjoyed doing whenever they asked us). When Adult Swim reached out to our Director of Animation, Matthew I. Jenkins, and asked him to come up with something special to honor the show and characters he helped originally design – there was only one logical answer… ANIME!

For the final open of this long-lived series, we chose to pay homage to Aqua Teen Hunger Force’s beginnings by recreating scenes from the show’s original open, along with some new ones, and treating it with anime stylings, and a dash of bath salts, to delight its millions of die-hard fans. Using a mixture of traditional animation and effects, sweeping camera moves, and explosions of color, we blew away expectations, taking the series open to new heights. The show’s end credits match the visual style of the open while remaining just under the line at which epileptic seizures are induced. But enough of the sales-y speak, just watch for yourself and enjoy!


DIRECTOR: Matthew I. Jenkins
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