Adult Swim Aqua Teen Scene

Custom Vignette

Aqua Teen show creators Dave Willis and Matt Maiellaro returned to us to design and create an animated universe called Interplanetary Insanitarium for one of their episodes, and with a name like that expectations were high.

Our animation director Matthew I. Jenkins put his imagination to work, pushing the boundaries of the show with more heavily-animated characters along with one-of-a-kind, colorful backgrounds, all done in a style not seen before in this ten year old series. The character re-design and comic-book inking style allowed the episode to achieve a unique quality and set it apart from the typical look, with heavier use of thick-to-thin brushwork and cross-hatching. We also oversaw a team of animators to incorporate traditional tweening and effects cell animation (trust us, it’s awesome). And finally, our in-house graphics team added amazing effects and compositing to achieve the goal of a unique, stand-alone animation design for the episode.


DIRECTOR: Matthew I. Jenkins
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