Custom Vignette

Inspiring others around a great cause is a part of our DNA. Working with real superhero children made this integration especially rewarding.

Having been around the block on USA’s Character With A Cause, we know a thing or two about celebrating people who make a difference in the world around them. Having also shot in many medical facilities over the years, we know what it takes to navigate the sensitivities of being in a working hospital where much more important work than ours is going on all around us.

For their new rebranded Change Maker campaign, we wanted to take a practiced approach and elevate it – through interesting shot choices, storytelling and editing – to raise the energy and passion to a level that this spot deserves. Featuring Gwen Aylward, an Aflac Cancer Center Ambassador, we utilized many natural elements that lent themselves to creating a fun, uplifting call-to-action to raise funds to fight childhood cancer.

We pushed our production schedule to get the best out of the day, filming in every possible area of the Aflac Children’s Hospital while remaining respectful to the patients and staff that are hard at work treating and curing this disease. Gwen’s charismatic on-camera personality and heroic line of work ensured that we remained true to the cause while encouraging viewers to get involved.


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