AMC “Can We Talk About This?”

EP: Andrew Ti "The Breakfast Club"

EP: Amy Sedaris "Elf"

EP: Margaret Cho "Sixteen Candles"

EP: Mario Cantone "Saturday Night Fever"

EP: Akilah Hughes "The Green Mile"

EP: Hari Kondabolu "The Breakfast Club"

Comedian and actor Jordan Carlos discusses classic movies with a rotating cast of guests and experts in a podcast-style content series on AMC.

After helping AMC launch “Can We Talk About This?” this ongoing series features Jordan Carlos and a celebrity discussing the aspects of classic movies that haven’t aged well and what may have been acceptable at one point in history is not now and perhaps never should have been – from racial stereotypes and misogyny to consent and social justice. Guests of the series have included Margaret Cho, Amy Sedaris, Joey Fatone, Andrew Ti, Negin Farsad, Franchesca Ramsey, Akilah Hughes, Mario Cantone, and Faizon Love.


“A lot of times a commercial comes on and gives you a reason to change the channel [but] we’ve seen they’ve stuck around and a couple of times we’ve even seen they out-perform the overall movie performance,” Blake Callaway says. “We’re teeing it up in a way that is meant to be open, inclusive and a little nuanced.”


DIRECTOR: Chris Hamilton
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