Beyond the Plate + Cooking Channel

Pilot Episode




Developed and produced by BARK BARK, and featuring the amazing Chef Michelle McKenzie, Beyond The Plate follows Michelle’s incredibly active life, which is, of course, full of food.

Michelle believes “what grows together, goes together”, and as we journey with her throughout her life in the Bay Area, we get to meet the people, places and passions behind her food. We get a chance to get back to the source and enjoy simple, fresh food that is absolutely delicious.

Beyond The Plate’s Executive Producer and BARK BARK partner, Brian Tolleson, is particularly excited both about the new series, but also BARK BARK’s move into long-form content. “It was really our next natural step as we continue to push to stay ahead of the curve, and continue to demonstrate why we’re the leading brand integration agency.” says Tolleson. “People keep using the ‘Branded Entertainment’ buzzwords, but it’s not about Branded Entertainment, it’s about creating great content on its own and then developing smart and relevant Brand INTEGRATIONS. You just can’t be in the Brand Integration business unless you’re in the content creation business. This is a truth that our network clients, who own thousands and thousands of hours of great content and are working with us on opportunities for advertisers, have known all along.”


SHOOT LOCATION: San Francisco/Sonoma, CA
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