“Black Lightning” + Upworthy

Branded Mini-Doc

It’s not everyday that brands give us the freedom to feature edgy stories that challenge social norms, so we jumped at the opportunity.

We continued our branded series success with Upworthy to help launch the new series Black Lightning on The CW, pushing these branded mini-docs into new avenues and making the most out of our small budget.

Our client’s marketing goal was to showcase the men and women who’ve left a life of crime and dedicated it to the protection of the communities that need it most, so we found a criminal defense attorney who spent his youth in and out of jail and gangs, but is now stopping that cycle for other at-risk kids through his organization RED, Inc.

In less than a week of being posted on Facebook, our video reached over 1M views, 10k likes, and 3k shares including many positive comments and engagements with the Upworthy audience. We’re making our community – and world – a better place, one branded series at a time.


DIRECTOR: Janlataé Mullins
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