Bonefish Grill + Food Network


"Lamb Chops"

Embracing brands is what we do and our latest integration shows just that – the Best Food Spots We’ve Ever Made.

We helped Food Network boost visibility of Bonefish Grill’s dishes with a custom shoot featuring the man in charge of setting the menu: Chef Clifford Pleau. Our sharpened abilities to find authentic lifestyle moments allowed us to capture Chef Cliff’s passion for making delicious food and find out what inspires him every day.

It was a race against the clock to shoot two separate :30’s without having too many cooks in the kitchen (literally). Since we shot in a real Bonefish Grill restaurant but wanted it to feel like two separate worlds in the spot, we transformed the dining room using a white cyc as his backdrop to create an interesting environment that contrasted with his food preparation and cooking. Naturally, we got everything reset just in time for the late afternoon dinner crowd.


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