Bright House Networks + AMC

Sales Tape

When you put two TV execs on the set of The Walking Dead, the results can be surprising.

We worked with AMC and cable provider Brighthouse for this one-of-a-kind Upfront parody set in the world of the Walking Dead, as our unrelenting sales force duo approaches Glen, Maggie, and Daryl for an offer they…. well, can refuse.

Carefully shot around the schedules of the series’ stars on location in central Georgia, we recreated the ominous world of the Walking Dead and added a heavy dose of humor to give AMC’s Upfront audience a spoof they weren’t expecting.

We worked with their makeup artists and production team to get everything we needed during the hour we had talent, including a stable of zombies and a perfect dilapidated house. Throw in a dusty country road, an old van, and some composited special effects for an unforgettable piece that combined the best of both worlds, albeit worlds that you’d never think you’d see come together.


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