Celebrity Cruises + Bravo

Custom Vignette

Bravo likes working with us so much they wanted to send us on a cruise!

To promote their integration venture between the indomitable Top Chef franchise and Celebrity Cruises, we flew to Miami for a custom shoot with our dear friend Kristen Kish. But just because we were on a cruise ship doesn’t mean it was a vacation. Coordinating with international customs, we were limited to only 4 hours of shooting to capture multiple locations aboard Celebrity’s ship. And not just a closed off, Hollywood-set ship either.

The Celebrity Reflection was fully operational, disembarking and loading passengers getting ready for another voyage to the Caribbean. But by anticipating all our obstacles, it was smooth sailing in Miami. Combining our custom shot elements with our previous Cheftestant and Celebrity Cruise footage, we’re excited to see this spot air throughout the rest of 2014!


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