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Bravo’s Top Chefs love to talk about their favorite food, so we rounded up one of their Beantown-based best to give us the inside take on the best eats of the city.

Courtesy of returning sponsor Chase and the Sapphire Preferred card, this spot expanded upon their relationship with local chefs and delicious cuisine around the country, revealing a foodie destination that goes beyond classic New England fare.

We worked in tandem with our talent, Stephanie Cmar, to choose a restaurant in Boston’s Waterside district that features one of her favorite dishes and builds excitement for travel, food, and the new season of Top Chef. Appearing in both New Orleans and Seattle seasons, we trust Stephanie’s taste when it comes to gourmet cooking, and we felt like the unique design of Sportello, with its modern countertops and open floor plan, called for an equally fresh look that pays homage to traditional style but brings something new to the cutting board.

To highlight these elements and spice things up a bit, we opened the spot with a time lapse that required us to shoot Stephanie separately on a green screen in real time and mix it with sped-up footage of patrons walking in and out of the entrance behind her. We added a more in-depth look at the kitchen, how they make their famous Strozzapreti pasta, and ended with Stephanie’s taste test and official nod of approval. Now you’ll know where to go and what to order next time you’re in Boston!


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