Cuentin’s Catty Commentary

Custom Vignette

With so much madness in the world, everyone needs a gay best friend who isn’t afraid to tell it like it is (and make them die laughing along the way).

Enter Cuentin and his Catty Commentary. Delivering a generous serving size of guilty pleasure gossip and topical treats, we are presented with the unique flavors of Cuentin’s no-nonsense and hilarious perspective. Joined by his stoically adorable sidekick Chi-Chi, Cuentin gave us an opportunity to flex our original content and animation muscles simultaneously.

Developed for YouTube’s first LGBT partner channel Gwist (of which Bark Bark was a founding partner), Cuentin helped launch the online venture as one of its original 10 shows. Being featured on Huffington Post is just one of the many reasons to believe Cuentin was as fun to make as it is to watch.

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DIRECTOR: Matthew I. Jenkins
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