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We partner with ESPN+ to produce their flagship golf show, America’s Caddie.

Our team oversees the creative, production, and post of full seasons of America’s Caddie featuring longtime caddie and ESPN golf analyst Michael Collins as he traveled to the most iconic courses, met up with golf’s biggest legends, and had a few adventures along the way.

The eight episode, magazine-style format includes custom animated segments, current and former golf icons, and a bevy of celebrities who help us make the sport accessible to a larger audience while giving avid fans the content they crave.

New episodes premiere throughout the year following the PGA Tour schedule with special airings on ESPN2 ahead of the tournaments.

We also create the season trailers and episode promos to help drive viewership for the series and subscriptions to ESPN+.


SHOOT LOCATIONS: Jacksonville, FL / Augusta, GA / Phoenix, AZ / Charleston, SC / Columbus, OH / San Diego, CA / London, England / Sandwich, England / Baltimore, MD / Atlanta, GA / Maui, HI / Tulsa, OK / Los Angeles, CA
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