DISNEY “Finding Dory” + Discovery

:30 Tune-in

:10 Short A

:10 Short B

:10 Short C

:60 Sneak Peek

We helped Dory find her favorite week of television – Discovery’s Shark Week – with a deep dive of integrated content for her new follow-up film.

Our memory-challenged blue tang needed plenty of reminders on when to tune-in for an epic shark-infested week on Discovery Channel, so we got to work pairing Disney-Pixar’s Finding Dory with elements from Shark Week, being careful to tow the line between the kid-friendly film and the more intense nature of Discovery’s shark programming.

Our overarching concept connected the themes of the movie using a mix of movie toolkit elements, Shark Week show clips, graphics packages, and custom content – all driving to several special looks at the film. Let’s hope Dory doesn’t forget!


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