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For Lucinda Williams’ heart-wrenching “Copenhagen,” BARK BARK Animation Director Matthew I. Jenkins reunited with Dave Willis, co-creator and director of Cartoon Network’s Squidbillies, who also wrote the beautiful storyline for the video.

“The story is not exactly what Williams was imagining when she wrote the ballad, about the night she learned about the death of her late manager and friend Frank Callari when she was on tour in Denmark in 2007. “We had that night off so we were getting ready to go out and get some dinner and we walked down from the hotel to this little place and the snow was coming down,” she says. “It was all very literal of the song. It’s the combination of the news of his death and being so far away over there.”

But she’s thrilled with Willis’s interpretation. “I was surprised. When I read it, I thought, ‘Ok, the robot thing or whatever.’ But then, I got it. I tend to be more literal, [wanting to] make a little movie kind of thing. It’s cool both ways.”

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DIRECTOR: Matthew I. Jenkins
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