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Rome wasn’t built in a day… but this kitchen was! We designed one from scratch to host the multi-platform campaign for KitchenAid’s Apple Challenge.

For Part One of this two part campaign, we worked alongside our friends at Food Network to design and build a custom competition kitchen in New York City complete with KitchenAid’s brand new Black Stainless Steel appliances… in a matter of weeks. How ’bout them apples? Since winners of the sweepstakes competed in this same kitchen later on, we also had to break it down, store it, and rebuild it. We’re now thinking about expanding Bark Bark’s offerings to include Interior Design/Construction services. Call us.

We shot with restaurateur and chef Geoffrey Zakarian, a man of many Food Network talents, to lead us through the entire sweepstakes journey, encouraging viewers to enter and share their best apple recipes online and across social platforms. Food Network and KitchenAid received almost 1,000 entries to the Apple Challenge – the most ever for a competition of its kind. But in the end, it came down to four competitors from around the country.

We then worked to rebuild the kitchen a few months later and secure all of the specialty ingredients and cooking equipment for the competitors to recreate their unique dishe , while also coming up with clever ways to set up and shoot this four person contest in a kitchen stocked with KitchenAid appliances, albeit only one cooktop and limited counter space. It was exciting to see the challenge all the way through, from the call for submissions to the joy of the winner receiving his private cooking lesson with Geoffrey and a full suite of brand new appliances. Of course, everyone was a winner – the runners-up received some nice KitchenAid parting gifts of their own.


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