Kohl’s + Food Network

On-Air Vignettes

Snapchat Content

We’re getting viewers ready for Spring and Summer entertaining with a multi-month, multi-platform integration for Kohl’s.

This 360 campaign reached the Food Network audience on-air, on Snapchat, across Facebook, and in-magazine for three months in a row, providing them with tons of inspirational cooking and decorating ideas while highlighting priority co-branded products sold at Kohl’s, including cookware, serving ware, decor, and clothing. After whetting their appetites on-air, viewers could take a deeper dive into the recipes and featured products on digital/social as well as in Food Network magazine for maximum exposure.

We helped develop and execute an ambitious strategy to get the most out of our one day shoot budget, dividing and conquering between three unique recipes in three different locations of a home (indoors and out) to capture enough content for custom vignettes and multiple Snapchat ads within each month’s theme. We also worked to create Snapchats that were inventive and instantly engaging for the platform’s fleeting attention span, including UGC-style versions to get a different perspective on the cooking and mesmerizing cinemagraphs designed to play in an endless loop.

We always aspire to deliver the most value for our clients and their sponsors, so we’re happy the ambition paid off.


DIRECTOR: Daniel Sattelmeyer
  • Creative
  • Production
  • Design
  • Post
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