Hasbro + Discovery Family

"Dear Mom"

"Dear Dad"

We welcome any excuse to turn work time into play time, especially when it involves our favorite Hasbro games.

We created two sponsored vignettes for Discovery Family’s “Project Thank You” initiative, taking the feel-good theme of their campaign and having a little fun with it using our Hasbro family game night classics.

Riffing off the “thank you” message, these spots are told from a kid’s perspective to highlight all the reasons they’re thankful for their parents, drawing connections mirroring the game world and real life.

To get even more product exposure out of this integration for Hasbro, we built the creative around multiple games in multiple rooms of the house for maximum efficiency. Add in some lens flares and plenty of high-speed footage and you’ve got yourself a feel-good spot with a sense of humor – the perfect combination.


DIRECTOR: Janlataé Mullins
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