Hershey’s Kisses + TLC

Custom Vignette

‘Tis the TLC Season for our favorite holiday tradition – pairing two great brands with a fun, family craft.

Things got even sweeter this year with returning clients TLC and Hershey’s, who wanted another custom spot featuring a demo of their homemade ornament for viewers. So we got out our ribbon and glue to whip up an entertaining and innovative spot on a very crafty budget, getting the most out of our production services with a shoot involving friends and family. We brought a little extra holiday magic by letting our Mom + Daughter talent team document their time with smartphone photos to encourage sharing and digital (without the dollars). We even got the family dog involved to appropriately celebrate the finished Kissletoes.

We used a modified version of TLC’s on-air package to create custom graphics to reinforce the holiday theme and visually represent the step-by-step instructions. We love surprising clients with more than they ask for – all part of celebrating the season and making good work. Our best tip for enjoying a festive season: prepare plenty of hot cocoa, turn up the holiday tunes and give your whole family something special to make this holiday season.


DIRECTOR: Daniel Sattelmeyer
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