Hershey’s + Nat Geo

Custom Vignette

We gave viewers a backstage pass to the Geo Bee so they could experience the excitement of this international event.

We’ve been longtime fans of the Geo Bee’s spirit of diversity and focus on promoting education around the world, so we suggested to our friends at National Geographic that the competition was a perfect opportunity for a meaningful brand integration.

To generate buzz for the big night, we brought Hershey’s center stage in this emotionally-charged custom vignette authentically capturing the range of feelings that come with competing at the national level from a kid’s perspective. We converted a high school performing arts center, using dramatic lighting, set dressing, and the overall color palette, to create a stronger visual connection to the Bee that allows audiences to feel like they’re watching a natural extension of their programming.


DIRECTOR: Janlataé Mullins
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