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We finished with the triple crown of HGTV home giveaways, racing against the New Year to deliver the dreamiest sponsorship campaign yet!

After traveling the country working on the HGTV Smart Home: Nashville and HGTV Urban Oasis: Atlanta, we pulled out all the stops to make sure we over-delivered for our clients with the HGTV Dream Home: Martha’s Vineyard. As we found out, there are two main ways to get to the island – hop aboard a ten passenger puddle jumper or take a ferry across. Neither option makes getting equipment, gear, crew, or sensitive stomachs there easy but our experience shooting in remote locations helped us navigate these choppy waters. Once ashore we covered every square mile of the island to tell the real story about this luxurious hideaway and the people who live there, providing great takeaways for HGTV viewers and natural exposure for sponsors.

Our production team hunkered down to secure all the various permits needed to shoot at local restaurants, beaches, and fish markets in the six towns spread across Martha’s Vineyard – giving us free reign to capture the people, places, and sponsors that make up this year’s HGTV Dream Home. Our comfort shooting with a wide range of cameras and rigs allowed us to capture breathtaking aerial footage and intimate docu-style interviews…we even organized shooting the GMC Acadia Denali arriving on the island via ferry from both the ferry itself and the sky – managing multiple camera crews to cover a one-take-only scene.

Despite battling unfavorable weather conditions in late October, we were light and nimble on our feet to get the most out of our exterior days before the season changed, making sure life at the Dream Home was as magnificent as it should be. We moved inside to shoot interior coverage of the completed home for sponsorship vignettes, along with promotional liners and comprehensive beauty footage for HGTV’s overall Sweepstakes campaign. A one stop shop for the entire process from start to finish, we made sure to create efficiencies and a singular vision that can be seen in the finished product.

It was no day at the beach (well part of it was), but with plenty of lobster rolls and gourmet donuts at our disposal we returned to the mainland with nine iconic spots that we know represent this island and the incredible prize package. Even though we aren’t allowed to enter, we feel like we lived the dream.


DIRECTOR: Daniel Sattelmeyer
SHOOT LOCATION: Martha’s Vineyard
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