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We created a huge library of mini-stories following a devoted fan of Investigation Discovery as she solves sponsor-related cases around her house.

Investigation Discovery tasked us with developing a flexible toolkit that we could go back to again and again to create a series of sponsor-related vignettes for any advertiser – a low-budget way to integrate sponsors into the “IDetective” world that feels high-end… custom storylines, live-action footage, greenscreen compositions and tabletop product reshoots all tailor-made for them.

After inventing the IDetective world, inhabited by an ID “Addict” who emulates the most compelling ID detective tropes in her daily life, the biggest challenge was to strategically shoot scenarios that had the potential to generate unique storylines for literally any sponsor. From dusting for fingerprints and taking crime scene photos to poring over a suspect board and filing evidence, our IDetective finds some fun, tongue-in-cheek ways to solve cases using sponsors’ product. Creative shot selection allowed us to go inside her mind with custom voiceover for infinite flexibility in subject matter.

We used our schedule to its max, shooting out every corner of the home for maximum efficiency, including featuring every type of smart device and options for product reveals in each scene. Our in-house compositing and sound design teams then take all the elements of the package to create something truly custom every time – a nearly turnkey solution to brand integration that’s set up for a very long shelf life.


DIRECTOR: Daniel Sattelmeyer
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