Little Caesars + Great Human Race

"Unforgiving Terrain"

"Conserving Resources"

We discovered that even if you’re trying to live like our ancestors, it’s hard to pass up a pizza from Little Caesars.

For our latest Little Caesars integration with NatGeo’s new series, The Great Human Race, we invited back the seasoned survivalist couple from our past executions to create two new custom :20 vignettes in the unforgiving wilderness.

To achieve a similar look to the show, we selected shots that mimicked the handheld, docu-style footage along with a drone to emulate the birds-eye view found in every episode. We also designed custom graphics in the style of The Great Human Race to give our spots a natural connection to the content.

We identified locations within Atlanta that lent themselves to both the modern day world and landscape our ancient ancestors would have crossed to find food – creating budget and schedule efficiencies that allowed us to shoot two stand-alone vignettes while trekking all over the city. We love finding new ways to position Little Caesars as a staple to any survivalist’s diet, so you can live like our ancestors but know you have a reliable backup plan in case it doesn’t work out.


DIRECTOR: Daniel Sattelmeyer
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