Little Caesars + National Geographic

“The Legend of Mick Dodge”

"Really Roughing It"

"Sing Song"

We went “off the grid” to remind viewers that when they’re trying to survive off the land, they should always have a good backup plan.

The folks over at NatGeo and Little Caesars loved our Doomsday Preppers spot so much, they wanted to use the same fannatic couple again. This time, we threw them into the quirky world of survivalist series, The Legend of Mick Dodge, to create a pair of :20’s that borrowed themes from the show to add value to America’s best value pizza.

Having to shoot two separate spots meant doubling up on time and materials. Luckily, after hiking through acres of dense Georgian forest we found a location that looked strikingly similar to the Pacific Northwest, which provided plenty of natural resources for us to incorporate into the spots. We made a custom moss bed, lean-to, and firepit to give the illusion that our hero couple had channeled their inner-Mick Dodge to build a full-fledged campsite (even though they weren’t really roughing it). We always embrace the opportunity to truly immerse the audience into the environment of a show, an added bonus is when a custom-written sing along is involved!


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