Viacom “Millennials” Presentation

Upfront Tape

Viacom returned to us in a big way for the Cannes Lions Festival following the great success of our series of mini-documentaries focusing on the changing landscape of media.

From Baby Boomers to Millennials, our tapes featured the top experts and execs of the biggest Viacom Companies– Paramount, Comedy Central, MTV, BET, Nick– off-the-cuff on where the future of media, entertainment and advertising is headed. And it’s not all LOLs and twitter updates. As the Cannes Lions Festival approached, they asked us to customize our piece about Millennials to be shown during the high-profile event.

This all-encompassing documentary short blends interview footage with hundreds of hours of programming and user-generated content from the web to illustrate the emerging trends in our field. The tape was met to rave reviews, spawned effective discussion and debate on the industry AND we got to see a few celebs on the southern coast of France.

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