DISNEY “Muppets Most Wanted” + TLC

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TLC and Disney like our custom integration packages as much as we like the Muppets. So working with them promoting “Muppets Most Wanted” was a marriage as perfect as Miss Piggy and Kermit.

Since creating a dream wedding on a micro budget is our speciality, we crafted a custom narrative that playfully alluded to the film’s plot while promoting TLC’s own premieres as well. We took the film’s thieving antagonist and set his sites on hijacking everything from TLC’s logo (turning it an appropriate froggy green) to Muppets Most Wanted sneak peaks.

We created this whimsical sense of urgency while facing the concrete deadline of the film’s release, so we streamlined our schedule to juggle 17 deliverables over 3 shipments in less than 1 month’s time. Staying flexible against a myriad of last minute marketing changes, we delivered the campaign to a standing ovation from Disney. The honeymoon will have to wait though – it’s onto our next integration!


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