General Mills: Nature Valley + TLC

Custom Vignette

Everyone needs a little me time, so we inspired mom warriors everywhere to make the most of crunch time.

For TLC’s first ever integration with “90 Day Fiancé,” we embraced the natural beauty of everyday life through relatable moments and handheld camera work to give viewers a connection to their favorite show, while also weaving in Nature Valley’s brand messaging in a genuine way.

Even with a compressed schedule and nimble crew, we managed to shoot out multiple areas of our location and offer our clients a big budget feel on a small scale. We further delivered on our signature level of custom by taking the TLC on-air graphics package and creating a unique “90 reasons to love Nature Valley” look that fits with the show and gives the vignette a balanced feel.


DIRECTOR: Janlataé Mullins
  • Creative
  • Production
  • Design
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