OnStar + A&E

"Automatic Crash Response"

"Crisis Assist"

"Emergency Services"

"Stolen Vehicle Assistance"

We partnered with A&E’s Live PD to find out how OnStar advisors handle real emergency situations.

We created a series of custom vignettes featuring Live PD’s Tom Morris Jr. talking one-on-one with seasoned OnStar advisors to hear their first-hand stories about helping people when the unexpected hits. Each spot emphasized a different product feature to give viewers a comprehensive look at how the advisors solve real life problems using OnStar’s functionality in combination with their expertise.

This branded content campaign reached fans and consumers on linear during premiere episodes of Live PD, and social through A&E Facebook, A&E Twitter, Live PD Facebook and Live PD Twitter for a true multi-platform experience.


DIRECTOR: Janlataé Mullins
  • Creative
  • Production
  • Design
  • Post
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