“Penguins of Madagascar” + Food Network

Custom Vignette

The Penguins were far from Madagascar when we caught them dropping by Duff’s cake shop as he baked up something special for their new movie.

For this integration, we had to whip up a way to bring the animated characters of Penguins of Madagascar into the world of Charm City Cakes West – Duff Goldman’s Los Angeles-based bakery. To build buzz for the upcoming film’s release and to promote Food Network’s new season of Holiday Baking Championship, first we had to identify the striking similarities between the skill sets of master bakers and master spies. From there it was a piece of cake, especially considering Duff’s fanboy excitement for the franchise.

We worked with Duff to put his confection skills to the test, planning and building a giant replica cake inspired by the Penguins of Madagascar poster-art. We also dug through old photo albums to find some fun memories from Duff’s upbringing to print and dress the set with. These elements all helped to pull the spot together, including compositing the characters into the scene to judge the finished cake (needless to say, he aced it!) before taking a few bites themselves.


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