20TH CENTURY FOX “Penguins of Madagascar” + Turner

:20 Tune-in

:10 Content Lead-ins

Our latest cross-network campaign combined four Turner networks and some covert maneuvers to build buzz for Penguins of Madagascar… of which there are also four members. Interesting…

We flipped out at the opportunity to create an integration between 4 Turner Networks – tbs, TNT, TruTV, and [adult swim] – and the Penguins of Madagascar movie. Working in collaboration with four distinct brands, 20th Century Fox, and Dreamworks Animation, it was a challenge to balance their individual tones in a :20 second tune-in, while creating content pieces that catered more specifically to each network while ensuring the movie studio was happy. We got crafty with our limited movie assets, using movie trailers, toolkit elements and some clever compositing to create truly custom pieces that played off the strengths of each network and the funniest moments of the film.

We even created additional spots for Turner Sports, adding a fifth member to the team on the fly that involved painstakingly removing every logo, brand, or likeness from NBA footage. Have you ever looked at how many there are in an NBA game?? There are a lot. We think this ragtag team of integrations could take down even the baddest of bad guys hell bent on world domination. Or maybe just entertain you. Yeah, probably more that.


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