Paramount “Playing with Fire” + Food Network

:90 Custom Vignette

We turned up the heat with Food Network and Paramount for a star-studded Chopped cooking competition featuring John Cena and Keegan-Michael Key.

Our latest Chopped Open Your Basket with Food Network brought us to London for Paramount’s family comedy Playing with Fire, where we built a custom, stylized Chopped kitchen from scratch for a fiery showdown.

John and Keegan, who play smokejumpers in the film, faced off against real firefighter and Chopped champion Danny Brelsford to see who could create the tastiest dish from four smoky mystery ingredients for Chopped Judge Amanda Freitag and two tough kid critics. Hilarity ensued, and after we finished laughing at the resulting :60, Paramount asked to extend the custom vignette to :90 to take advantage of all the good footage for linear and digital.


DIRECTOR: Daniel Sattelmeyer
  • Creative
  • Production
  • Design
  • Post
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