Qowalla App Launch

:60 Promo

:30 App Preview

We created a deep marketing strategy to help launch a new AR app powered by PictureFrames.com.

To introduce this custom wall art designer app to consumers, we developed and produced a series of vignettes and App Store videos that showcase all of Qowalla’s unique features and bring their offerings into the future. From in-depth demos and promos highlighting the intuitive augmented reality tools to easily watchable mobile ads, we made Qowalla’s key messaging relatable to viewers through strong casting, an inviting location, and a poppy, music driven cut.

As the design and functionality of the app were being finalized, we worked alongside the developers to become experts in every aspect. From there, we showed off all the robust features in creating a beautiful gallery wall – choosing your own photos and using social media, browsing curated art collections, picking from dozens of layouts and materials, and hanging the final design to display perfectly on the wall.

With the app being released for both Android and iOS, the campaign had to work seamlessly across all devices. We also created a custom toolkit of graphic elements that were utilized in all videos to connect the campaign. The Qowalla app continues to have a high rating on Google Play and the iTunes App Store, inspiring everyone to get interactive with their design choices.


DIRECTOR: Daniel Sattelmeyer
  • Creative
  • Production
  • Design
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