Rachael vs. Guy Kid’s Cook-Off


"Butter Knife"


"Nice Nickname"

We had young Food Network Chef Brandon Scawthorn challenge Jeff Mauro to a series of fun mini-competitions to kick off the new season of Rachael vs. Guy: Kids Cook-Off.

Food Network gave us a challenge, too: shoot 8 x :45 original spots in one day, with a limited window for talent on set to boot! We got to work to build buzz for their new season of Rachael vs. Guy: Kids Cook-Off, developing concepts that played on the competition nature of the show with a fun twist, ranging from Brandon tasking Jeff with identifying exotic fruits to naming outdated kitchen utensils.

We overcame several logistical challenges along the way, including tracking down Rambutans, Fiddleheads and Star Fruit (exotic produce isn’t easy to find in the middle of Summer in the Big Apple), and making sure both our on-screen talent were up to the task of nailing all 8 challenges in rapid procession. On the backend, our post-production department brought these wraps to life with creative edits and a custom graphics package for the mini-games to bring it all home. As a bonus, we got to enjoy scrubbing through over 1300 kid’testant pictures to find the best of the bunch, proving our dedication to leaving no rock unturned.


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