Slim Jim + AMC’s TWD


When it comes to stocking your bunker for the zombie apocalypse, you can never have enough Slim Jims.

We continued our branded content partnership with AMC’s “The Walking Dead” with a custom digital vignette featuring three fans of the series who’ve converted their garage into a zombie-proof bunker. Coming off the show, viewers (and target consumers of Slim Jim) were able to continue their experience seamlessly with this digital integration, which immediately captures the dramatic tone of the content they love along with fun nods to the series for a natural extension of the show that delivers more engaged eyeballs. We also completely transformed the winter landscaping outside to create a beautiful non-apocalyptic spring day on a cold, Winter shoot.

Within its first two weeks, our spot reached over 1 million views on Facebook.


DIRECTOR: Takashi Doscher
  • Creative
  • Production
  • Design
  • Post
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