Custom Vignette


We assisted an ID detective to bring in one of his Most Wanted… SONIC’s Creamery Shakes.

For our latest integration with SONIC and Investigation Discovery, we got to shake things up! ID wanted to make this year’s custom vignette with SONIC feel just like their programming, so we mixed together everything we love about their shows – the confessionals… the reenactments… the brooding detective – to create a deliciously suspenseful spot that’s brand integration at its tastiest.

In order to pull off the comedic reveal, we needed to find a SONIC in close proximity to a location where we could set build. On a tight budget and one shoot day, we worked with our talented small crew to convert a gutted video rental store into a gritty detective’s office. To get enough ID-inspired B-roll to fill out the spot, we created a dramatically lit interview setup and shot custom driving footage, while timing our move to the SONIC Drive-in at the end of the day to catch the magic hour. The cherry on top… our Detective will also make an appearance in a national broadcast commercial for SONIC, giving our vignette an interesting and unexpected connection to their overall campaign.


DIRECTOR: Daniel Sattelmeyer
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