Sundance TV + “Can We Talk About This?”

"The Stand" Intro

"The Stand" Panel Discussion

"That's Wild" Intro

"That's Wild" Panel Discussion

"1275 Days" Intro

"1275 Days" Panel Discussion

"Good Hair" Intro

"Good Hair" Panel Discussion

"Horror Noire" Intro

"Horror Noire" Panel Discussion

"Woman on Fire" Intro

"Woman on Fire" Panel Discussion

"One of Ours" Intro

"One of Ours" Panel Discussion

Actor Jordan Carlos hosts a series of panel discussions with celebrities and thought leaders to explore the issues and themes surrounding a new documentary film each month.

We helped Sundance TV launch their new franchise “Can We Talk About This?” to take a deeper dive into the social issues examined by award-winning documentaries premiering on Sundance. Our team developed the concept alongside the network to cast the talent and craft the conversations around the films. Using our remote filming solution, we’re able to connect with panelists from around the country and world to give viewers unprecedented access to their perspectives on these important issues.

For The Stand: How One Gesture Shook the World, we spoke with NBA Hall of Famer and Finals champion Chris Bosh along with strong safety from the NFL’s Denver Broncos Kareem Jackson to discuss the role of athletes in standing up for social justice.

For That’s Wild, Jordan discussed the challenges of inclusivity and diversity in the outdoors with President of the NAACP Derrick Johnson and Emmy-award winning actor Terrence Terrell.


DIRECTOR: Chris Hamilton
SHOOT LOCATION: New York + Austin + Los Angeles + Mississippi + Denver
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