TBS Brand ID

"Zombie Chores"

No one likes chores… even when you’re dead! Just in time for Halloween and the TBS brand refresh, we created a zombie-themed ID that proves just that.

We’re always thrilled to be involved with the launch of a network’s new graphics package, especially when it’s disruptive, unexpected, and perfectly aligned with our sensibilities. It was an added bonus to be included in the initial launch over Halloween weekend.

With a blank slate and limitless possibilities, we developed a custom piece inspired by the no rules attitude of the new TBS logo and brand, using a handheld camera visual style to enhance the spookiness of this animated spot. To achieve this, we created traditional 2-D cell animation and backgrounds, and placed them inside a 3-D environment that would show off each twitch of the camera. Finally, the creepiness was brought to life with our original score and sound design, allowing for an unexpected twist to the horror genre.


DIRECTOR: Matthew I. Jenkins
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